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North Breeze Entertainment Studios are based in Liverpool, UK

Specialising in VR, Console and PC games, North Breeze Entertainment delivers beautifully crafted digital products.

Home of The Beatles and renowned the world over for its people, sporting teams and video games legacy, Liverpool is home to North Breeze.


Capable of reaching millions of players worldwide through our expertise and relationships in industry

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We utilise the latest technologies available in video games and provide bespoke solutions


At the heart of all our products. We are passionate and dedicated to producing high quality entertainment products

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Latest Release

Title: VR Paper Star
Platform(s): PC, Steam VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
Genre: Arcade action
Distribution: Worldwide - Steam, VIVEPORT, Oculus
Released: Q1 2019

Set slightly into the future, many things have changed but the good old newspaper hasn't. In a fictional town called West Ville, players jump aboard a futuristic hoverboard and deliver newspapers to as many customers as possible. A fast paced game where players must navigate their way through the streets, avoiding many obstacles as they progress whilst meeting the required points score. Quick-wittedness is required especially when navigating traffic, animals, characters and other obstacles within the game.

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